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SIGKIDS San Diego 2003 Proposal

Alan B. Scrivener
President, Human Interface Prototypes
Chair, San Diego Professional Chapter, ACM SIGGRAPH

The following are excerps from the original SIGKIDS 2003 proposal.


The following are our goals for SIGKids 2003.

Community Outreach: A SIGGRAPH Priority

Somewhat independently of the SIGKids projects, SIGGRAPH as a whole has been increasingly emphasizing community outreach. Our most important goal is to have a positive impact on our community.

Mentoring: Pay It Forward

Because know-how is so valuable and hard-won, it is important to pass it on through mentoring relationships. Once the guilds which governed artisans had apprenticeship programs. Today people sometimes forget that knowledge can be lost. Marc Barr, sigKIDS 2000 chair, wrote in his final report:

There aren't many people involved with SIGGRAPH who are either working with younger people or interested in them.

...I haven't ever been able to figure this out, either in my experiences with SIGGRAPH or in my academic life.

We are making it a priority to address this problem head-on. We want to communicate to the adults in SIGGRAPH in such a way as to inspire them to become mentors for children.

Growth: Pushing the Envelope

Because we don't want to simply repeat past achievements, and because there is such strong support in the San Diego graphics community, our goals include the following forms of growth:

To accomplish this, we seek to model and create seed environments which will:


The following is our proposal for SIGKids 2003.

Museum Venue

SIGKIDS 2003 will be located at The Computer Museum of America, located in downtown San Diego at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and C Street. The venue will consist of the following units:

  1. Project Displays from results of competitions, as well as Demonstration Projects
  2. Bilingual Plaza
  3. 3D Heroes Kiosk
  4. Screening Room for SIGGRAPH videos and 16mm films, and for Forum
  5. Cyberarium area

SIGKids Competition and Prizes

The SIGKids venue will showcase winners of a juried competion in a variety of categories designed to promote the goals listed above. Entries can be computer programs, web sites, lab setups, videos, or other media which inform the process using graphics and/or interactivity in education.

Here is a tentative list of categories:

Awards will be given in each category to non-profit and for-profit institutions, and also to individual classrooms and students.

The final list of categories will be determined by the SIGKids advisory committee.

We will offer educational grant "prizes" to the non-profit winners, ranging from $500.00 to $1000.00, free publicity to for-profit winners, a "pizza party" and a SIGGRAPH speaker for classrooms, and cash prizes of $50.00 to $100.00 for individual students.

About twice as many runners up as winners will also be recognized.

Winners will be announced in advance of the 2003 SIGGRAPH conference, on the SIGKids web site and in press releases. Winning and runner up projects will be given space in the SIGKids venue to display their results, and to allow kids to experience them.

In addition, in the event of a project produced by a jury member or one of their direct associates, the jury will reserve a special status of Display Project to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest; these projects will not be eligible for prizes and grants but will have "runner up" status, and will be given space in the venue.

See People, below, for a tentative list of jurors and advisors.

Addressing Language Issues

To accomplish the above, we will have:

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