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Meeting: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Amapi, Amira, Assistant and ZAP!
An Evening With TGS

TGS has been a leading vendor of interactive graphics software for over 15 years, delivering cross-platform solutions to professional developers and end-users. TGS provides a broad range of 2D & 3D graphics software tools, utilities and applications for UNIX. and PC systems.  Their products support, and sometimes create, industry and government graphics standards, including VRML, PHIGS+, ActiveX, Java, OpenGL. and Open Inventor. TGS Inc. is based in San Diego, California, with offices throughout North America. TGS Europe, based in Bordeaux, France, is the headquarters for Europe, with offices in Paris, Italy and Germany. 

Here are the programs and tools that you'll hear about:

1) Amapi 3D - fast 3D Nurbs & polygonal modeler
2) 3Space ClipArtist - add style to your work
3) 3Space Assistant / Converter - CAD model & VRML viewer with stereo
4) Amira - scientific visualization
5) OpenInventor / 3DMasterSuite for C++ & Java - toolkit for 3D apps

1) Amapi 3D

Amapi is a fast and fun 3D modeler, with an innovative natural design interface to become an extension of your creative mind. With Nurbs and polygonal tools, advanced modeling through construction curves, Gordon surfaces, sweeps, extrusions, Booleans, unfolds, assemblies and more. Amapi is positioned as a companion modeler to high end animation and rendering tools, but for the beginning artist it also comes with a respectable hybrid renderer capable of mixing cartoons and raytracing. Also includes animations, and tons of import & exports formats, some of which are particularly suited for manufacturing prototypes or web content in Flash, VRML and the compact ZAP format created by TGS. Amapi is very popular in Europe and particularly France where it originated from.

For more details:

ZAP will also be presented as one of the exports from Amapi for publishing 3D content on the web

2) 3Space ClipArtist

As a webmaster you'll always need to create some fancy 3D buttons, logos or animated GIFs with artistic content. 3Space ClipArtist does just that, and publishes in BMP, JPEG and GIF formats as well as animated GIF and ZAP for full 3D on the web. Use existing 2D clip art (WMF, EPS) and turn it into 3D. Add artistic rendering styles instead of shaded modes, type a text string and extrude it to 3D, apply simple animations and transition effects to the scene or lights, insert a VRML model of your own 3D clip Art and publish it as animated GIF, 3Space ClipArtist is a fun tool and addictively easy with its tab based drag-and-drop interface. If you have kids learning to make your family website, this one should be on your shopping list.


3) 3Space Assistant

3Space Assistant lets you view CAD models in DXF14 and OpenInventor, and VRML (1 & 2) models in various ways, with Examiner viewer, Walk viewer, etc... Some special highlights include

  • many types of stereoscopic viewing (full page flipping, interlaced, side-by-side, multi-color anaglyphic, and more).
  • mesh decimation (polygon reduction) to create levels of detail or simply for faster interactive viewing on slower systems
  • environment reflection texture mapping for surface quality inspection or to create pretty pictures
  • as an OLE server can occupy the data window of I.E., as a helper application can be used with Netscape Navigator for viewing VRML worlds. 
  • 3D Copy/Paste between multiple sessions for making assemblies or extracting details.
  • add 3D annotations for illustration
  • render into BMP image file
  • load models from URL (ftp and http)

Do you have models in high-end CAD formats? STEP? VDA? IGES? STL? Then use 3Space Converter to read and convert these to OpenInventor, and pass them on to 3Space Assistant for interactive viewing.

For more information:

4) Amira

Amira is a scientific visualization tool. Reads volumetric datasets like CT scans, MRI, in many popular formats, and displays a mix of volume data with polygonal all in one. Use it to perform segmentation with the graphics editor, reconstruct 3D models from that, etc. Supports various scalar and vector field visualization techniques including line integral convolution and animated, illuminated flowlines. Also generates tetrahedral meshes in preparation of finite element analysis. Amira is loaded with over 100 modules for data probing, various calculations, and many visualization modules. It is also extensible through TCL scripting.

5) OpenInventor / 3DMasterSuite

TGS is a source license of OpenInventor from SGI and we have ported it to many platforms including Linux, Solaris and Windows NT to name a few. It is a powerful and extensible toolkit to develop 3D applications and for quickly prototyping ad-hoc viewers and interactive editors of all types of data including volumetric data in the upcoming 2.6/3.6 release. 3DMasterSuite in fact is a collection of extensions to OpenInventor, offering vector hardcopy (HPGL, PostScript...) from the scenegraph, large model viewing (LMV) capabilities like octree sorting and mesh decimation, advanced visualization techniques such as ribbons and animated flow lines, 3D draggers and sensors, environment reflection texture mapping, and much much more to help your project get off the ground right away.

3DMasterSuite comes in C++ and Java flavors. There's other standard 3D libraries available too, such as PHIGS and GKS.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000
6:00 - 7:00 PM Social Hour
7:00 - 9:00 Meeting

Members free. Non-members $5. Memberships $15/year.

Address, directions and maps:

5330 Carroll Canyon Road
Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92121-3758 USA
Telephone: (858) 457-5359

Click here for a Lycos Map 
(TGS is in a 2-story brownish color building with a triangular balcony on the front, to the WEST of the 3-way intersection, not of the East the intersection as shown on the Lycos map)

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