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Meeting: Wednesday, May 15, 2002

MovieWorks: I'll have multimedia to go with "the works"

Jeff Kelley
Interactive Solutions, Inc.

MovieWorks Deluxe® is like having "lite" versions of Macromedia® Director® (authoring/presentation tool), Adobe® Premiere® (video editor), Macromedia® Flash (animation editor), Sound Edit Pro® (sound editor) and Adobe® Photoshop® (photo/paint editor), all rolled into one, yet it is amazingly easy to learn and to use. When you're finished, easily distribute your masterpiece on an auto-load/auto-start CD-ROM or  copy it to tape or DV, or export as a QuickTime or AVI file which may be imported into other applications, posted to a Web page or attached to an e-mail message.

Screenshot from MovieWorks Deluxe for Macintosh

Hollywood Portfolio of DV titles created by Tom Drotar using MovieWorks Deluxe

Recent MovieWorks awards

MovieWorks Deluxe receives 4 out of 5 stars from PC Magazine

MovieWorks Deluxe "Best Multimedia Presentation Software 2001" in DT&G magazine

MovieWorks Deluxe "Best Budget Multimedia Authoring Tool" in Presentations Magazine (PDF)

MovieWorks Deluxe "Freakin' Awesome" in MacAddict Magazine
"If you want to harness your Mac’s multimedia muscle, MovieWorks Deluxe delivers -quickly, easily, and cheaply. An easy interface and a beyond-reasonable sticker price polish off this little gem."

-- MacAddict Magazine - Freakin’ Awesome

"With its pared-down image, sound, animation, and video editors, MovieWorks Deluxe strikes a good balance between ease of use and breadth of functions. You'll find all you need to create Web movies, multimedia presentations, and slide shows with audio and special effects. The program takes a while to learn, but you'll soon be able to add QuickTime movies to your Web site or just create slide shows of your last vacation."
"So Easy That Your Kids Will Teach You," MovieWorks from Interactive Solutions has burst upon the scene as a high-usability low-cost multimedia.

"Swiss Army knife" for PC and Mac.


Join us with MovieWorks representative Jeff Kelley for an up-close demo.
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6:30 - 7:00 PM Social Hour
7:00 - 8:30 Meeting

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